About KezhiaFields

Kezhia Fields  specializes in selling Antique traditional indigenous tribal ethnic Art from Africa and beyond. They say art has the power to create new perspective and challenge the existing ones, theres is no question the impact tribal african art has had on the modern art, simple forms, the narratives, functionality and symbolism, the emotional engagement that awakens the curiosity are some of the context on which the pieces were created for, cross collection is a great way of mixing ancient and contemporary pieces, history and present coexist together.  Based in Central London at Kezhia Fields we strive to bring you the best historical tribal/ethnic art and contemporary pieces.  Kezhia Fields brings knowledge, expertise passion and enthusiasm for African antique and art to collectors.

Authenticity, beauty, quality, functionality are the words for the ethnic artefacts and objects d’ art selected Kezhia Fields and presented at exhibitions and by appointment. You can shop with confidence for unique and traditional art from Africa from our online sales platform

Kezhia Fields aim is to meet  demand for collectors, art lovers, avid buyers and interior designers personalized attention. We will be happy to fill your requests for creative works,utilitarian or specialised items for daily use within african culture for figurative sculptures, masks, shields, vessels, stools, head/neck rests,instruments, textiles, curios objects and jewellery. We do not display all our collections on the site for any enquiries please  Contact us at
www.kezhiafields.com +447515774147


London United Kingdom