About KezhiaFields

The genesis of Kezhia Fields began in the humble setting of a charity shop. It was here where Kezhia interacted with her first piece of Tribal Art; a peculiar object, with a rich visual quality and definitive shape. It was this, coupled with her passion  for cultural history, and her African heritage that drove Kezhia to build Kezhia Fields: a business based on the sharing of the human experience. 

Tribal Art stands at the epicentre of the modern art world. From Pablo Picasso to Henry Matisse, and Edouard Manet to Paul Gaugin, Tribal Art- particularly that of West and Central African heritage- can be recognised throughout their work. The complexity in composition, the emotional intensity in form, and the balance in aesthetic is what makes Tribal Art so special. Kezhia Fields offers a bringing together of oral histories and systems of beliefs through material culture.

Kezhia Fields aims to bring this  physical abstractions through accessibility, authenticity, and expertise. At Kezhia Fields there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an affordable objet d’art to begin your collection, searching for the pièce de résistance to decorate your home, or looking for a more personalised requirement- we have a piece for you.

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London United Kingdom